BDF Craft Products

Crafting Tools and Accessories

BDF Graphics is an authorized dealer for all Silhouette products, including Silhouette Cameo and Portrait electronic cutting machines. Below is a list of Silhouette crafting tool and other crafting products you can order online.


Silhouette hook weeding tool (CF-C125)

Silhouette Spatula tool (CF-C127) - for lifting delicate designs from the cutting mat

Silhouette scraper tool (CF-C126) - use as squeegee and to scrape cutting mats clean

Silhouette Pick-Me-Up tool (CF-C128) - for picking up rhinestones and other small objects

Silhouette tool kit (CF-C148) - including Silhouette hook, spatula, scape, pick-me-up tool and a 6" rule and microfiber cloth

Silhouette rhinestone setter (CF-C129) - for heat setting of individual adhesive backed rhinestones

Silhouette cutting blades, including regular blade, fabric blade, premium blade and deep cut blade

Silhouette cutting mats, available sizes 12 x 12" cutting mat (CF-C113), 12 x 24" cutting mat (CF-C114) and 12 x 12" light holding cutting mat (CF-C117)

Silhouette PixScan 12x12" cutting mat (CF-C131) - for capturing and cutting pre-printed or drawn images

Silhouette Roll Feeder 12" (CF-C130) with easy docking and a free crosscutter; for holding 12" wide rolls for Silhouette Cameo

Weeding tool Set with 2 knifes and 2 needles (SM-T008)

AlbaChem Eco Mist Adhesive - pressure sensitive adhesive for re-tacking cutting mats among other applications


We also carry many cutting and application tools for sign making, which might be also useful tools for crafting. Please visit the Cutting Tools and Application Tools pages under Sign Making.


Silhouette Hook Weeding Tool (TOOL-01-3T, CF-C125)


The Silhouette hook is an essential tool for weeding vinyl and heat transfer cutouts.


Silhouette Spatula Tool (TOOL-03-3T, CF-C127)


The Silhouette spatula is the perfect tool to lift delicate designs from the cutting mat without curling or tearing. The pointed tip makes it easy to slide under cutout designs and work around the most intricate shapes.


Silhouette Scraper Tool (TOOL-02-3T, CF-C126)


Use the Silhouette scraper to apply transfer paper to vinyl artwork, smooth adhesive to temporary tattoo paper, and scrape cutting mats clean.


Silhouette Pick-Me-Up Tool (TOOL-04-IND-3T, CF-C128)


This tool has a tacky tip for picking up and placing small objects like paper pieces and rhinestones.


Silhouette Rhinestone Setter (TOOL-RHINE, CF-C129)


Use the Silhouette rhinestone setter to add individual heat-transfer rhinestones to cards, scrapbook pages, apparel, and more. Requires 3 AA batteries (not included)


Silhouette tool kit (CF-C148)


Get all the necessary tools for your Silhouette machine in one kit! This tool set comes with a hook, scraper, spatula, pick-me-up, a 6" ruler, and a piece of microfiber cloth.


AlbaChem Eco Mist Adhesive 1782 (CF-C150)


AlbaChem Eco Mist is an all purpose pressure sensitive adhesive which can be used for screen printing, embroidery and crafting. For screen printing: provides temporary bond on pallets while t-shirts, cut pieces, and other textiles are printed, For embroidery: holds appliques in place before stitching. For apparel manufacturing: holds blotting paper in place while fabric is cut. For crafting: re-tack for cutting mats.

  • Wide range of applications, especially great for cutting rooms and cutting mats
  • Pressure sensitive Will not transfer
  • Does not contain hexane
  • Appearance: Opaque white liquid in aerosol can
  • No water soluble
  • Odor: Aromatic petroleum/ketone
  • Available size: 12 oz can